Wendy Elsmore

Celebrity and
Personal stylist

About Me

Wendy Elsmore is a Director of LCS londoncollegeofstyle.com and lcsonline.com and leads the marketing and client relation division of LCS.

She is a champion of personalised learning for creative talent which is weaved through all LCS training approach.  Wendy recognises that every student is different and struggles to develop to brilliant levels of potential, if exposed to the standardised approach to education.

Personally, she has worked with multi global brands across fashion and beauty forging a successful international career as stylist, art director and celebrity personal stylist, including  her role as former ITV This Morning fashion presenter. Her wealth of knowledge across the fashion and beauty industries, and  understanding of how to support creativity to thrive, Wendy is a champion for nurturing creative talent inline with the LCS personalised training approach.

A charismatic and engaging entrepreneur, Wendy teaches students how to transform passion into businesses and mentors new business launches to point of success for LCS trained creative talent.