Tracy Hooper

Tracy Hooper

Personal Stylist
Qualified Colour Expert

About Me

Tracy Hooper is a professional personal stylist and qualified colour expert. With an entrepreneurial fashion career spanning more than 25 years, Tracy is able to draw on valued experience as a member of the LCS Online team.

Having started out in fashion design, Tracy developed her skill to include personal styling and colour analysis where her clients have included: international designer Carolina Herrera, Fabulous Magazine, Helms Briscoe, The Media Agency, The Sun Newspaper and others. She has appeared regularly on podcasts, blogs and online magazines, both as a valued writer and knowledgeable fashion expert in both colour and personal styling.

Passionate about her work in helping numerous men and women look and feel amazing, she is acutely aware of the transformational power and confidence boosting effects that finding the right colours and styles can have on her clients – skills that she loves to share with students studying the LCS Online Womens Personal Styling E-Diploma.

Tracey is also a specialist in colour and styling for corporate business and entrepreneurial coaching