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Tatjana Apukhtina

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About Me

Tatjana Apukhtina is resident blogging tutor for She also joins the LCS Online team as a blogging tutor sharing her wealth of knowledge garnered from her career as a successful fashion and lifestyle blogger and author of  blog, Fashion Artista,

With her background in marketing, Tatjana has a great eye for visual content, with her skill, creating compelling storytelling. Her regular clients include skin care brand Eucerin, fashion brand Jaeger, supercar brand Rolls Royce, streetwear brand Superdry and others.

Passionate about teaching LCS students who are committed to learn the art of blogging, to find inspiration and to learn how to gain skill in monetising the role, Tatjana is also a professional advisor on social media, specifically focused on targeting and increasing following

Tatjana is founder of