Image Consultation Vs. Personal Styling

Image Consultation Vs. Personal Styling,
What’s the Difference?

If you’re relatively new to the world of fashion and style, you can be forgiven for feeling that the roles of terms Image Consultant and Personal Stylist are very similar, even interchangeable. But there are some notable differences to these two roles, and some similarities.

More and more clients are being draw to Personal Styling Services in favour of Image Consultation Services – so this begs the question, why is this and what really are the differences?

What is an Image Consultant?

During the 1980’s, exploration into the world of colour analysis and image consultation were innovative and transformational, especially for women who rightly began to demand more equality in corporate business sectors where presentation of one’s professional image was vitally important.

Enter the Image Consultant – a professional who is interested in coaching their clients behind the scenes, helping their clients to market their public image, usually in a professional context to a public audience. As well as fashion and style advice, Image Consultants may also be involved with public speaking and generally looking at their professional demeanour – usually with a specific goal in mind, to get ahead in one’s professional career and influence others. Politicians, highflying business professionals (both male and female) and those with public facing careers would typically employ these services. The approach here can be highly analytical, theoretic and sometimes even prescriptive, where the objective is usually to influence who others perceptive the client in a favourable light, usually for an identified (typically career driven) purpose or goal.

But Image Consultation is less evident on the market these days with more and more clients are opting for Personal Styling Services. Why is this and what is the difference in approach?

What is a Personal Stylist?

Inherent to the role of Personal Styling is the learnt ability to appreciate your client’s uniqueness and individualisation. In a world where individualism and your ability to stand out amongst the masses (rather than fitting in) is now thankfully appreciated in most professional sectors, Personal Styling offers your client a more holistic (and less perceptive) approach to looking and feeling amazing in style choices.

The demand for Personal Styling Services has eclipsed Image Consultation by far, for these and other reasons.

A talented and trained Personal Stylist will draw similarly on theoretic knowledge of styles, colours and body shapes, but will know how to adapt and personalise guidelines to tailor styling advice to the needs of any individual in a nurturing, even pampering atmosphere and approach.

Personal Styling fosters a transformative experience, which often challenges clients to make changes to their appearance in a supportive and nurturing environment. The goal is less concerned with influence of perception, and more concerned with supporting your client to show off their best bits, disguising their problem areas as the best versions of themselves as individuals.

Courses offered LCS Online therefore relate to Personal Styling in favour of Image Consultation.

We hope you’ve found clarification of these terms useful.

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