Gift Card FAQs

1. What are LCS Online Gift Cards?

LCS Online Gift Cards are flexible Gift Products that are available as an alternative to traditional Gifts. LCS Gift Cards provide much more personalised than standard Gift Vouchers as they enable you to buy a course of your choice.

2. How do LCS Gift Cards work?

LCS Online Gift Cards are purchasable gift cards for LCS Online courses. The purchaser of the card may choose any online course listed from the menu dropdown, ranging in price. LCS Online gift cards are only redeemable for full course fees, allocated per course and LCS Online does not offer gift cards redeemable for amounts other than this (e.g. £50, £100 etc.). Once the gift card is purchased, a printable gift card will be sent you with a unique activation code, that once entered onto the system will allow access to their course of learning.

For problems with Online Activation, please contact:
– +44 (0)2030 969966
[email protected]

3. What are the Terms & Conditions for using the LCS Online Gift Card?

The LCS Online Gift Card may only per course and are not transferrable between courses. PLEASE NOTE: LCS courses are intended for students of 16 years and over and are not redeemable for purchasers below this age. LCS Gift Cards are typically used as a gift and therefore the cardholder will not necessarily be the student. The cardholder does not need to share information about the student as this information will automates a student file set up internally at LCS Online when they log into the system with their activation code.

4. What if I change my mind? Can I get a refund or exchange my card for an alternative course?

Regretfully, LCS Online does not offer refunds on course purchases.

LCS Online Gift Cards may be exchanged between courses within 6-weeks beyond purchase, and with LCS Online approval when any shortfall in amount if paid in full. Amounts in credit are not refundable, but can be redeemed against additional course purchases.

Please contact LCS Online on [email protected] to request such an exchange.

5. Where are LCS Gift Cards available?

LCS Gift Cards are available online at

6. How are LCS Gift Cards presented?

LCS printable Gift Cards are printable. The correspondence also contains a receipt confirming the value of the card, expiry date of the card, activation code passcode (required for all customer), instructions for use and a web address and may contain additional terms and conditions.

7. Does my Gift Card have an expiration date?

Each Gift Card is valid for twelve months only. During the validity period of 12 months LCS Online Gift Cards may be used to the full fee of the course value. LCS Online Gift Cards expire within twelve months after the date of issue. At the expiry date, the account in order to reduce the balance of the card to zero. LCS Online Gift Cards may not be used after the expiry date.

LCS Online Gift Cards are for online digital purchase and offer no tangible card product to mail order.

8. What Customer Services are available?

Customer service enquiries are available from LCS Online Services Desks on Tel: +44(0)2030 969966 also at [email protected] where support with any transaction, problem or purchase can be offered Monday to Friday, 10am – 5:30pm with the exception of weekends and Bank Holidays.

9. What do I do if I lose my printable gift card email?

Replacement Gift Cards may be re-sent upon request to [email protected] or by telephone with proof of purchase. Activation codes may only be used once in relation to any purchasable card.

10. Can I one card for more than one transaction?

Currently no. If you’d like to purchase more than one course you will need to purchase more than one gift card.

11. Can I pay over the phone or by cheque?

The Gift Cards can only be purchased digitally with credit or debit card via We also accept cheques but the amount needs to be cleared before issuing the Gift Card.

12. Do you accept cheques and/or American Express?

We accept American Express.

13. Can I pay using a foreign Credit / Debit cards online?

Yes. LCS Online should be operational will all major Credit / Debit cards for online payment.