Frequently Asked Questions

Does my course lead to a certified Diploma?

Yes, your LCS course will lead to diploma which is certified by LCS Online as part of the London College of Style, accredited by the British Accreditation Council (BAC) as a centre of educational excellence.

Is my diploma digital? If so, can I get a printed copy?

On completion of study, you will be sent a downloadable copy of your final diploma certification.  For an additional fee of £25 (plus shipping), you may wish to order a printed copy of your certificate that can be mailed to you.  Shipping costs will vary.  To order and pay for your printed diploma, please only contact [email protected] to arrange this once you’ve completed your course.

Can you tell me about how my learning is structured? Will I be joining other students at set times in groups?

Learning on LCS Diploma courses is modular. You can start the course at any time once you’ve completed payment, so you won’t have to wait to join a class or group. You will automatically join the LCS community for group webinars delivered by LCS experts and the LCS forum to join conversations with other LCS students.

What about the LCS Online community, can I meet and chat to LCS experts and other students?

Yes. We highly recommend that you take advantage of the community aspects offered by LCS Online. Webinars (Zooms) are scheduled regularly with industry experts, in addition to gaining access to individual course forums, plus you will have the option to join LCS WhatsApp group for convenient phone access to your course links, updates and feedback, enabling you to chat with other students for supportive discussions too.

When will the webinars be held? What if I miss the webinar class due to international time zones?

Webinars will be held in UK time (GMT), usually at time slots that suit most international time difference (where possible), e.g. 12:00 GMT.  Webinars will operate via Zoom software.  You will be sent details of how to log onto the software to access your selected webinar in good time.  If you miss a webinar, or are unable to attend the webinar in live time don’t worry.  All of them are recorded and can be watched back ‘as live’ at a time that suits you via a link provided.

For how long will I be able to access the learning materials and LCS community?

Students are able to access modules and LCS community for one year following your registration date. For 12 months you can access the site for support your learning once you’re purchased the course. All learning materials are to be accessed as view only on the LCS platform and are not to be replicated, printed or downloaded.

Are there times when I cannot access learning materials for any reason?

You can access your learning materials 24/7 and 365 days a year starting with Module 1 of your selected course or courses. On the completion of each module, your learning will be assessed and graded. This typically takes 2-3 working days. Once tutor feedback has been submitted, this will unlock the next module of learning, taking you to the next stage of learning. Ensure you log in and out of the platform to refresh the page and update the system.

Are there times when I cannot access LCS tutor support?

LCS Online is a global platform which operates from the United Kingdom. The college operates from Monday – Friday, and will be closed at weekends and on British Bank Holidays. Please check with course tutors for more information of when these will be. The college will also closed for one week during the Christmas period from 24th December and will reopen on 2nd January.

Is there a time limit to how long will I have to finish my course?

Yes. Although we realise that students learn at different speeds and we want you to learn with pleasure at a pace that suits you, we also recognise that setting a reasonable pace to complete your course ensures accelerated personal development in your chosen specialism. Students are required to complete their Diploma within 12 months of purchase. An LCS recommended timeframe to complete each Diploma is 3-6 months.

Is there a limit to how long I can access tutor support?

Students are eligible to access individual tutor support for the duration of their learning until they’ve completed the Diploma within a 12 month time frame.

Can you tell me more about how I will be assessed and finally graded?

Assessment takes place in various ways at the end of each learning module. You may be asked to complete a series of multiple choice questions, include written paragraphs explaining your answers to questions, and upload images or links in support of your responses. On completion of each module you will receive written feedback from your tutor and an attainment grade. On completion of the course, you will be awarded an overall grade as a means average of the grades achieved across all modules.

What happens if I get stuck, need clarification of additional support? How can I access tutor for support?

You can access support from your tutor individually at any time by pressing on the Contact My Tutor button within the learning modules, or by emailing your tutor at a designated email address which will be shared with you once you are enrolled. You can also chat to the team from Monday to Friday during working hours of 9.30am to 5.30pm GMT as LCS office is London based.