Womenswear Personal Styling E-Diploma

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    Welcome to LCS Online Campus!

    Thank you for your purchase of the Womenswear Personal Styling Diploma course.

    LCS Online has been designed to provide everything you need to successfully complete your Womenswear Personal Styling Diploma, preparing you to enter the exciting world of professional personal styling.

    Your course has been written and designed by industry experts in the field who are well versed in supporting you to personal styling success with lots of handy tips and tricks to help you along the way.

    We hope that you find your study at LCS Online enjoyable and rewarding. You can access your learning modules 24/7, 365 days a year.

    Your course is divided into 8 Modules, each containing key learning objectives with several sections to read through. We advise you read each section of the modules carefully, more than once if necessary and complete any research we have suggested within, some of which may require some independent research outside of the platform. At the end of each module, you will be presented with Module Assessment

    You may study at your own pace and leisure. There is no time limit to completing the course or Module Assessment.

    Module Assessments may ask multiple choice questions, fill in the gap questions, written answers, written paragraphs or for your to upload some word for assessment onto the LCS Online platform. The pass rate for each Module is 60%. If you have failed to pass a Module, you can retake the Module Assessment.

    Should you require assistance in your learning at any time, you can email your lecturer at any time.

    On completion of the course, your Final Certification Diploma Diploma will be sent to you in your chosen subject.

    On behalf of the London College of Style’s lcsonline.com, we’d like to wish you every possible success with your course. We do hope you enjoy it.

    Happy Styling!
    The London College of Style Team

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